About Us

We are creative engineers, experience designers, and marketers who love to invent experiences that make emerging technology relevant to everyone.

Who We Are

Deeplocal creates tangible, interactive installations and environments that tell a story about a brand, a product, a building, or human behavior. Everything we do is rooted in strategic insights and informed by culture, making the work relatable and shareable.

Our team is comprised of designers, engineers, creatives, technologists, architects, producers, and fabricators. Whether we’re making a custom robot, a massive installation, or a pair of socks, we do all of our production in-house in our 12,000 square foot fabrication facility. From insight to install, our integrated process enables us to be exceptionally nimble and thorough.


Invent products and experiences for innovative brands


To be a place where amazing talent can invent, create, and inspire

We Value Being






Our Roots

Before launching Deeplocal in 2006, artist and engineer Nathan Martin was better known for leading a punk metal band called Creation is Crucifixion and a collective of media artists and hackers called The Carbon Defense League (CDL). The CDL made a name for themselves by hacking electronics and manipulating mainstream media, and their projects earned them attention from national press, including CNN, ABC News and USA Today.

After leading workshops at hacker conferences alongside the likes of Steve Wozniak and winning awards on the art festival circuit, Nathan returned to Carnegie Mellon, where he began collaborating with like-minded engineers, artists and roboticists at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. Deeplocal began as a spinoff of this art and technology lab, and our partnership with the CMU continues to this day.

Over the first several years, Deeplocal developed apps and digital products, and consulted on new technology, such as a high-res robotic photo system called Gigapan. Nathan and team eventually began working with advertising agencies on a variety of projects, the first of which was the Nike Chalkbot. The project swept industry award shows, winning a Grand Prix at Cannes, a Webby, an Andy, a Clio, and many others.

The company has gone on to expand its capabilities across creative as well as engineering. Team members have their names on several patents, and at least two products have been sold off to existing companies.