Smart Herb Planter

Our Smart Herb Garden uses the Google smart home API, an extensive library of device traits that allows developers to create their own custom IoT devices and trigger custom physical actions using the Google Assistant.

What We Made:

We built a smart planter centered around new and existing device traits such as rotate, dispense, brightness, humidity, and zones, allowing anyone to create the perfect plant atmosphere with voice commands. Water the basil, rotate the garden 47 degrees, or set the humidity to 55 percent. With everything embedded into the Google Assistant, there's no need to download a custom app.

Customizing Your Invention

The Smart Herb Garden is 100% open-source, allowing anyone to build their own. Using a Raspberry Pi to control the planter's subsystems, the planter housing can easily be assembled from plywood, 3D-printed parts, and off-the-shelf hardware. Simply follow the tutorial in Github to build yours today!

Make your own