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Flaming Lips Frontman Wayne Coyne is the Newest Creative Force at Deeplocal

Pittsburgh, PA, May 23, 2019 — Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips joins Pittsburgh-based creative technology company Deeplocal as an Experience Designer. What started as a friendship between two like-minded interactive artists (Coyne and Deeplocal CEO Nathan Martin) has become a true collaborative partnership, fueled by the duo’s expertise in creative technology and experience design.

“The Flaming Lips are the original experience designers,” says Martin. “Wayne has long understood that a band is more than music and he has turned The Flaming Lips itself into an immersive experience through their prolific releases, collaborations, and eye-popping live shows.”

Coyne sees this opportunity as the latest in his lifelong pursuit of collaboration. “Maybe the world already knows this about me. If not...l now freely confess and admit to being addicted to creative collaboration,” he says. “There is a joyous high that I get when I am working with intense, genius functioning artists...I am very excited to now collaborate with the visionary freak marketing firm Deeplocal. Deeplocal’s intense, fresh, creative environment has allowed me, as Experience Designer, to see a new world as a DIY artist. F**k Yeah!!!”

Wayne, along with Steven Drozd and the rest of The Flaming Lips, recently collaborated with the Deeplocal team and their partners at Google to create an AI-powered concert performance at Google I/O (read more about the project and see the performance here). Next up for Wayne and Deeplocal: a destination experience that will combine art, technology, and music in one spectacularly immersive adventure.

Coyne and Deeplocal look forward to building more one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen experiences in the near future.

Above: Wayne Coyne and Nathan Martin


Deeplocal, a Pittsburgh-based creative technology company and Carnegie Mellon University spin-off, invents and builds delightful interactive experiences. Deeplocal has received numerous awards in advertising and design, including being named 2017 Ad Age Creativity Innovator Standout. Deeplocal’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Wired, The New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America, Gizmodo, Engadget, Forbes, and many more publications.


Caroline Fisher