Google Assistant SDK Demo:
Poster Maker

We partnered with Google to build a one-of-a-kind poster making robot for Google I/O. Poster Maker was built with the Google Assistant SDK for devices, allowing us to create unique works of art via voice commands. The ease of the integration enables us to create custom Actions, so users can choose the colors, shapes, and designs, drawing with the Google Assistant in real time. This feature puts the user in command of the Poster Maker ensuring no two posters are alike.

What We Made:

The Google Assistant provides a conversational user interface using Actions on Google and Custom Device Actions, which allow you to define device-specific query patterns, intents, and responses. What’s more, Poster Maker will still be able to answer questions and help you get things done during the sketching process. The Assistant SDK for devices embeds your application into the Google Assistant so there’s no need to sign in and out of custom applications.

Customizing Your Invention:

The best part of the Poster Maker is that we open-sourced it so that you can build your own. All you need is a Raspberry Pi that runs the Google Assistant SDK for devices and the plotter controls. The frame was constructed with parts like a machined aluminum marker changer and Corian drawing surface, which are widely available. Check out our GitHub to get started. We can’t wait to see the works of art you create with your Poster Maker device!

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