Google Home Mini Golf

As the creative technology partner to Google, we designed a voice- and putter-powered miniature golf course, combining the fun of traditional mini golf with the help of Google Assistant technology.


Google was seeking a playful, interactive way for people to learn more about all the ways that Google Assistant can make daily life a little easier.


Google came to us with the insight that life at home is full of small obstacles, just like the classic game of miniature golf. They wanted our help to create a one-of-a-kind, voice-activated mini golf course enabled with Google Assistant. Each hole was inspired by a room in a typical home, with each obstruction on the course representing an obstacle in someone’s daily routine that Google can help overcome.


When guests arrived at Google Home Mini Golf, they chose a putter and a ball and began their tour of the green. The course was just like the classic game, but with a new twist: on each hole, players asked Google for help—to turn on the fan, play a party mix, show them the backyard, give them a recipe, and more. These were all actual tasks that Google Assistant can accomplish in a real home. On the course, each query removed an obstacle from the green to help the players putt through to the end.

The Google Home Mini Golf course went on tour and popped up in New York, Chicago, L.A. and Atlanta, where it was played thousands of times. In each city, people learned more about what Google Assistant can do, all while playing the classic summer favorite. Some people even walked away having won a Google Home Mini for themselves, and everyone else got a pair of Google golf socks. And judging by the response on social media and in the press, everyone had a really good time.