Google Poster Maker

Hey Google, let’s make some art together.

Working as the creative technology partner to the Google Assistant marketing team, we created a one-of-a-kind poster making robot for Google I/O. The Poster Maker was built with the Google Assistant SDK for devices, helping it to create unique works of art through voice collaboration with each attendee.


To show the versatility of the Google Assistant SDK for devices, we wanted to make something with the precision of a robot and the creativity of a human that would captivate the crowd at I/O.


We wanted to show the capabilities of the SDK, and we also knew that people enjoy bringing back souvenirs from the conference. We decided to create an Assistant-powered, conversational drawing robot that could collaborate with visitors to create individualized posters.


To build the Poster Maker, we created Custom Device Actions for the Google Assistant so that people could use their voices to command the colors, shapes, and designs being drawn on the poster, collaborating with the robot in real time. Poster Maker was also still able to answer questions and help with everyday tasks during the sketching process.

We housed the software in a frame built from machined aluminum with a Corian drawing surface. With a custom 3D-printed marker changer, the Poster Maker was able to switch between colors at a moment’s notice.

Because the user is in command of the Poster Maker, no two posters are alike, ensuring a bespoke piece of art for each conference attendee. For those who weren’t able to see it in real life, we also open-sourced Poster Maker on Github so that curious minds everywhere could build their own voice-powered robot artist.