Lyft Auto Tunes

A symphony of Lyft cars play 2017’s greatest hits using the sounds of horns and car alarms.


Lyft wanted to generate buzz and celebrate Grammy’s weekend with a fun, playful stunt that reminded people of all the reasons why they love Lyft.


We surprised and delighted New Yorkers by turning one of the most annoying sounds in the world–car alarms–into an opportunity to make people smile, bring people together, and celebrate the music of the Grammys.


We turned five cars into a roving orchestra, utilizing their horns, wipes, door locking beeps, and subwoofers to recreate seven chart-topping Grammy nominated songs. With a team of composers, engineers, and car technicians, we outfitted our cars with branded vinyl wrapping, LEDs, and modified speakers. Then, we parked our orchestra discreetly in permitted lots in Brooklyn and Manhattan during the weekend leading up to the awards. We used the alarm system and lights to draw attention, and when enough of a crowd had gathered, a wireless remote triggered all five cars to begin the show in sync, with each car playing a different part of the rhythm through a medley of our Grammy-nominated tracks.

New Yorkers got to experience the magic in person, but we also reached a much broader audience by sharing the moments in videos on Lyft’s social channels. Overall, the campaign was an enormous success, garnering over 100 million media impressions without spending a single dollar on paid media.