Google Assistant Mocktails Mixer

The Google Assistant Mocktails Mixer whips up your favorite mixed drinks at your command and serves you a splash of small talk while you wait. The code and hardware for the Mocktails Mixer is open source and available on GitHub.


With the release of the Google Assistant SDK for devices, Google wanted to encourage developers to hack the open-source code and embed the Google Assistant into their own inventions.


We wanted to captivate the crowd at Google I/O by taking a popular DIY project to the next level. We found that the maker community enjoyed building robotic bartending machines, but the existing ones that we saw were missing a key element: the pleasant banter of a traditional bartender. So we decided to create a conversational, voice-activated bartending robot using the Google Assistant SDK for devices.


We created the Mocktails Mixer, a robotic bartender that leverages the Assistant SDK for devices to not only create custom cocktails, but have a conversation while you wait. The body of our Mixer is constructed using laser-cut acrylic. We used glass bottles to hold our liquids and peristaltic pumps to dispense the ingredients. Our design is completely modular, so you can add as few or as many bottles as you want for your machine.

Because the Google Assistant is built into the prototype, you can not only order drinks, but also access the full power of Google via voice command. The Mixer can even be programmed to mimic your friendly neighborhood bartender and tell jokes, read you the news and random fun facts, and more. The Mixer debuted at Google I/O 2017 and was also seen at Google’s booth at CES 2018, where it mixed up over 2500 juices.