Nick’s First Pitch

A Little Leaguer who couldn’t make it to the game delivered the world’s first telerobotic pitch from 1,800 miles away.

A Match

Nick found a bone marrow donor


media impressions

Featured on

Good Morning America


We needed to highlight the speed of Google Fiber, a new product in a highly competitive market. It needed to be done in a tangible way that would promoted its launch in Kansas City.


The best way to show the incredible speed of Google Fiber was through a relatable story – one that transcended fans’ team allegiances and tugged at their heartstrings.


When Kansas City native and Little Leaguer Nick LeGrande was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, he was required to stay away from large crowds. Since Nick couldn’t go to the game, we brought the game to him. Using Google Fiber, we created a telepresent pitching system that let Nick deliver the world’s first telerobotic pitch. He threw out the first ball at an Oakland Athletics game from Kansas City, blowing fans and commentators away.

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