Google Photos Pumpkin Patch

Google Photos transformed Times Square into a pumpkin patch—inviting visitors to snap, organize and instantly search for the perfect fall photos.




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Google Photos is offers a powerful search feature that enables users to quickly pull up the right photo without the endless scrolling. However, most iOS users were content using their native photo gallery app. We were asked to create a compelling activation that would let potential users experience the benefits for themselves.


We decided to focus on tapping into nostalgia and demonstrating how Google Photos lets users bring back their most beloved memories in just a few taps. To do this, we wanted to recreate the perfect fall memory and invite people to relive it with Google Photos. We found that the pumpkin patch is one of the most popular autumn memories talked about on social with over 700,000 photos shared. We decided to bring it to life.


We put our pumpkin patch in the most high-traffic and delightfully unexpected of locations—Times Square. 8700+ pumpkins were adorned with hang tags highlighting the Google Photos search feature, while a fall-themed photo booth invited visitors to pose for snapshots that were displayed on a giant billboard. Lucky participants had their photo etched onto a pumpkin by a carving robot while a live bluegrass band provided the soundtrack for artisans carving searchable NYC landmarks into pumpkins. Brand ambassadors were on hand to show visitors how to search for photos with the Google Photos app.

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