Google Photos Pay With a Photo

Google Photos joined forces with local food trucks, using a photo-finding challenge to highlight its smart search feature.


earned media impressions world wide

2016 Ex Award

Best Use of Guerilla/Street Marketing


Editor’s Pick and Most Shared


Google launched its Photos platform as a dedicated web and mobile app, which offered new features such as free, unlimited storage across devices and the ability to animate content. To generate brand awareness, Google wanted to create a campaign showcasing one of the most compelling aspects of Google Photos–smart search.


It can be time-consuming to find one photo on a phone packed with galleries, especially under a time constraint. We created an experience to demonstrate how easy it is to find an image quickly using Google Photos, with no scrolling or labeling required.


The Pay With A Photo campaign brought the benefits of the app to life, using the photos as currency. Visitors had the chance to “pay” for their food with a photo on their phone—as long as they could find one that matched a search term we gave them, all in 20 seconds or less. The campaign launched in New York City, then went on to Los Angeles, Portland, and Austin. To build momentum, we reached out through the food trucks’ social channels, partnered with local foodie influencers, and skipped traditional PR.

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