Old Navy Selfiebration

We helped make the retail brand’s birthday party larger than life by rendering fans’ selfies on a massive display made of 1,000 balloon “pixels.”


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Old Navy’s digital marketing team wanted a 20th birthday experience that would embody Old Navy’s branding—accessible yet unexpected; playful yet credible; inventive and clever. And they wanted a way for their fans to participate and join in the fun.


We wanted to create something large-scale and disruptive, with a physical presence for the celebration itself—while also generating lots of engagement through digital channels. Selfies seemed like the natural choice, as they are 30% more likely to generate social engagement. We decided to bring them to life using the most recognized symbol of celebration: balloons.


We invented a never-before-seen machine that used 1,000 custom-engineered balloons and more than 5 miles of wiring to render fans’ selfies at events in Times Square and Los Angeles. Fans tweeted their selfies @oldnavy with the hashtag #selfiebration. Our machine transformed the images into physical balloon portraits, captured the results, then tweeted back balloon-selfie animated GIFs. The Selfiebration mechanism is now patent-pending.

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