Netflix Switch

The Switch is the ultimate accessory for the devoted fan: It instantly dims the lights, silences your phone, orders takeout, and starts playing Netflix.


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Netflix wanted to reinforce their position as industry innovators, and communicate that they put viewers in control of how the enjoy their entertainment.


Netflix fans are so committed to their favorite shows, they often develop elaborate rituals around how they watch. We tapped into this phenomenon by developing a DIY “switch” that would get them Netflix-ready in an instant.


We launched the MakeIt campaign, a series of DIY projects that let fans take their Netflix experience to the next level. The Switch was our debut project. With one press, the Switch dims the lights, silences your phone, orders your favorite takeout food, and cues up Netflix.

We debuted the project at Maker Faire in New York and released open-source instructions online for fans to build and customize a Switch of their own. We also invited fans to submit their ideas for the next MakeIt project. Dubbed the “Netflix and Chill button” in the press, the Switch became an internet and social media sensation, all with no paid media.

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