YouTubers Say, “Hey Google”

YouTube creators put their own spin on Custom Routines with the Google Assistant.

In YouTubers Say, “Hey Google,” some of the platform’s most popular stars created their own Custom Routines and personalized studios where they filmed how-to videos with the help of the Google Assistant.


While the Google Assistant is becoming part of more and more everyday routines, some people still don’t realize how many ways it can help make daily life easier. With Custom Routines for Assistant, where one query triggers a series of actions, the possibilities are endless.


Just one simple command can be the springboard for an entire creative experience. Who better to demonstrate this feature than YouTube creators, who are already known for inspiring viewers with their creativity and sharing their day-to-day lives with the world.


Deeplocal partnered with Google, BMF Media, and six of YouTube’s most loved creators to help personalize their own Custom Routines, as well as custom studio spaces to act as the backdrop to their stories. Lele Pons, Jackie Aina, The Sorry Girls, The Action Lab, Todrick Hall, and Karina Garcia all got in on the fun.

Each Custom Routine contained multiple actions that prepared their studio and set the stage for their original content. For example, The Sorry Girls’ Custom Routine of “Hey Google, pamper my plants” caused the grow lights, watering system and humidifier to turn on, turntables with plants to start rotating, the Nest thermostat to set the perfect temperature, shades to open to let in sunlight, and the Google Home Mini to begin playing jungle sounds.

The creators’ Routines were made up of real actions and connected devices that anyone could replicate on their own. To make it easy for people to recreate what they saw, Google also created How-To content inspired by each creator’s video. The videos were a major hit on the platform, with Lele Pons’ “Best Quinceanera Ever” trending in the top ten videos worldwide in the first 24 hours of its launch.