Zootopia At The LA Zoo

Inspired by Disney’s Zootopia, we gave the Google Photos app to some of the most playful animals at the LA Zoo, proving that the new app keeps photos organized and backed up, even in the wildest conditions.

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Google Photos asked us to create a share-worthy experience that demonstrated the benefits of Google Photos and created buzz around the release of Zootopia—which starred a playful cast of tech-savvy animals.


Disney’s Zootopia is a movie about anthropomorphic animals that walk on two feet, go to work and use technology—such as camera phones. We decided to put phones with Google Photos into the paws of animals at the LA Zoo and post the photos they took to Google Photos shared albums. After all, people love looking at photos of animals and viral news outlets love to write about them. Instagram accounts created just for animals have over 1 million followers and YouTube videos of animals playing with human technology have received over 3 million views.


To encourage animals to take selfies, we worked with zookeepers to design specialized smartphone cases. These would protect both the phones and the animals, and feature a built-in trigger to automatically snap a photo when the animal came close. Sloths, giraffes, elephants, otters, hogs, and tigers got to use the devices—and after a few days, we had a week’s worth of photos and GIFs backed up on Google Photos. We created Instagram accounts for each of the animals and their photos quickly went viral, with some accounts acquiring over a million followers.

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