The Google Smart Home API:
Developing Custom IoT Devices

We teamed up with Google to build a pair of handmade IoT devices for Google I/O. Our Smart Planter & Smart Mailbox were built using the Google smart home API, an extensive library of device traits that allows developers to create their own custom IoT devices and trigger custom physical actions using the Google Assistant.

What We Made:

Our Mailbox and Planter were engineered to demonstrate the assortment of device traits available through the Google Assistant smart home APIs. The variety of these traits enabled us to introduce as many features to our custom devices as we wanted. The Toggles trait trait allowed us to raise & lower our mailbox flag & trigger power relays for our water pumps on the planter. The Scene trait allowed us configure one-touch grouping of commands—for example, with the “Nurture" command, we simultaneously activated music, water pumps, and lighting responses for our Planter.

Customizing Your Invention:

The flexibility of the smart home API allows developers to easily integrate the Google Assistant into any custom IoT device. The CameraStream trait trait was used to stream the content of our mailbox to a smart display, and can be used to stream any sort of image to any display connected with the Google Assistant. Other traits like Brightness can be used to create voice activated nightlights. By using a combination of commands and actions, we created a unique experience that worked for our experiment. With that, we believe that the only thing standing between you and smart home innovation is a little creativity.

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